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Kathleen's Personal Letter

My name is Kathleen Deoul. Since March of 1998 my husband and I have spent over $1 million defending our good name against the persecution of selective prosecution. We have toiled in virtual silence until now. But, the time has come for me to speak out on behalf of my husband, Neal Deoul.

My husband and family have been deeply harmed by an out-of-control publicity crazed prosecutor. My husband's good name has been maligned in local and national press with no evidence to substantiate the libel. Our 15 -year old daughter has been forced to defend her father's reputation against the often-cruel comments of her classmates.

This hell of ours began in March 1998; yet it's far from being over.

Although the Maryland State elections were not until November, in the spring of '98, the race for Attorney General was already heating up. We didn't know at the time that Joseph Curran, Maryland's Attorney General, was running for his political life. In hindsight we realize that Joseph Curran was looking to make headlines and he didn't care who he hurt along the way as long as he made the news.

Moreover, Attorney General Joseph Curran used taxpayer funds and the awesome powers of the prosecutor's offices in order to make news. He launched a callous, personalized media/legal attack on a company my husband financed. T-UP, Inc. distributed the dietary supplements Cesium and a specially formulated, highly concentrated aloe vera juice called T-UP.

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